Will Schreiner



B.A., Molecular Biology and Spanish, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO


I joined the Pasquinelli lab in the summer of 2014. I have had an enduring interest in RNA biology. In the lab, I am exploring the role the miRNA pathway plays in response to certain types of stress. Specifically, I am interested in how miRNAs regulate the heat shock response. When not in the lab I enjoy hiking, camping, reading, and donuts. 


Schreiner WP & Pasquinelli AE. (2017). Making and Maintaining microRNAs in Animals. Essentials of Non-coding RNA in Neuroscience. [Link]

Zhang Y, Schreiner W, Rong YS. Genome manipulations with bacterial recombineering and site-specific integration in Drosophila. Methods Mol. Biol. 1114: 41967, 2014.